History of PAMA

The Philippine-Australian Medical Association (PAMA) was established on the 14th of June 1992, with 43 original charter members.

The beginnings of PAMA date back to 1990 when the founder, Dr. Corazon Alvarez-Francisco, saw a need for assisting non-registered Filipino doctors in passing the Australian Medical Council (AMC) exams, the gateway to medical practice in Australia. Having passed the AMC exams in 1990, she experienced first-hand the difficulties of gaining registration as a Filipino doctor in Australia and thus, was inspired to help her colleagues pass the exams.

On June 14, 1992, the first official PAMA charter meeting was held at the Manila Jeepney Restaurant at Parramatta. The meeting was attended by 41 Filipino doctors, only 5 of whom were registered at the time to practice medicine in Australia. An organizing committee was elected by the body (pictured).  A subcommittee on Constitution and Bylaws was established, and a newsletter was started by Dr. Roger Fabian and Dr. Jun Bantatua. Over subsequent meetings through the years, PAMA established itself as a professional entity and proudly gave unity, encouragement and appropriate recognition to all Filipino doctors residing in Australia, both registered and non-registered.


[Photo: PAMA Organizing Committee 1992]


On February 21, 1993, a general convention was held at the board room of the Hills Private Hospital. Following the approval of the Constitution and Bylaws, the first set of PAMA Officers were elected.




Jun 1992        First PAMA Charter Meeting.

Feb 1993        Ratification of the Constitution and By Laws.

Feb 1993        First PAMA Officers elected.

Aug 1995        Registration of PAMA with the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Jun 2002        PAMA’s 10th Year Anniversary Celebration.

Apr 2008        First PAMA Medical Mission – Polillo, Quezon Province.

Apr 2009        Second PAMA Medical Mission – Gubat, Sorsogon.

Apr 2009        Donation of X-Ray machine and ECG machine to Polillo Hospital.

Jun 2010        Third PAMA Medical Mission – Dumaguete City.

Aug 2012       City to Surf

Apr 2011         Fourth PAMA Medical Mission – Oroquieta.

Aug 2011       City to Surf

May 2012      Fifth PAMA Medical Mission – Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur & El Nido Palawan

Aug 2012      20th Anniversary Celebration

2013               PAMA Victoria was established



1990                        Cora Francisco

1994                        Camilio Casaclang

1995                        Cora Francisco

1996                         Cora Francisco

1997                        Richard Cue

1998                        Richard Cue

1999                        Roger Fabian

2000                        Raul Amor

2001                        Jun Bantatua

2002                        Joyce Zonaga

2003                        Amabel Harding

2004                        Merlie Gallardo

2005                        Evelyn Icao

2006                        Joey Languido

2007                        Virginia Tamayo

2008                        Lorna Benedicto

2009                        Lorna Benedicto

2010                        Ophee de Vera

2011                        Cecil Rowe

2012                        Joyce Zonaga

2013                        Jun Bantatua

2014                        Jun Bantatua

2015                       Lorna Benedicto



The Philippine Australian Medical Association has received the following accolades:

  • 2009 – Outstanding Community Organization in New South Wales

             Awarded by the Philippine Community Council of NSW

  • 2012 – Outstanding Community Organization in New South Wales
            Awarded by the Filipino Communities Council of Australia (FILCCA), during the Filipino National Conference,
            Melbourne, October 2012.
Certificates of Recognition/Appreciation (Certificates were handed individually to volunteers)
  • Rotary Club of Dumaguete South
             Conferred by: Alfredo Bustamente, Club President on 2010
  • Ugnayan ng Pahinungod, Manila
             2010 for Surgical Mission in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental by Mr Eric SM Talens, MD, Msc, FPCS, Director – Ugnayan ng  
             Pahinungod, Manila
  • Rotary Club of Oroquieta Centennial (District 3850)
              2011 for Mission to Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental by Julius Yap, President – RC Oroquieta Centennial
  • Rotary International, Eastern Region
             Rotary Australia World Community Service Limited
             Conferred by: PDG Barry Durey, Chairman (2011/2012) and PDG Bill Little, Project Coordinator
             Given on: 2011 and 2013
  • Municipality of Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur
             Conferred by: Enrique J. Cabahug Jr., CPA, Municipal Mayor of Aurora and Emmanuel L. Palma II, Municipal Vice    
             Mayor   of Aurora
             Given on: May 2012
Nomination for PAMA for 2014 Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas –  
            THE LINKAPIL AWARD (Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino) 
             Submitted on 1st of March 2014 



FILCCA AWARD – Outstanding Community Organisation Award (October 2012)